Green Policy

Welcome Web Green Policy

“Sustainable development” is the most important issue for our planet, the human race, and all business entities in the 21st century. Welcome Web aim to stay at the forefront of efforts to attain this goal in terms of environmental, economic, and social terms. We will strive for customer satisfaction as well as our contributions to “sustainable development” by achieving high environmental quality in products, services, and corporate activities.

Action Guidelines
We will promote environmental burden reduction and product safety assurance with the following four items in mind:

  1. Our efforts are pursued throughout all office activities.
  2. Our efforts are pursued throughout the entire product life cycle within partners and customers
  3. We give overall consideration to economic and social implications.
  4. Biodiversity conservation

We will improve our management to reduce environmental risks.
We will comply with legal regulations, standards, and requirements that are individually agreed on.
We will strengthen partnerships with our business partners, collaborate in government and industrial activities, and actively participate in community activities.
We will actively give full disclosure of the information regarding our involvement in and accomplishment of various environmental activities to all associated individuals, including local communities, governments, employees, to facilitate open communication.
We will heighten the environmental awareness of every employee through eeducation, so that we can fortify our infrastructure to face the challenges posed by environmental issues in the future